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It has often been said that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

If that is true,

                          has superhuman strength.

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About Christina

Strength. Resilience. Powerful.

It’s been said that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  If that is true, Christina Johnson has superhuman strength.  A teen mom born to a teenage mother, Johnson refused to be a statistic. The Charlotte, NC native relocated to Atlanta, GA in 1997 with her two young daughters in pursuit of a creative career, but as fate would have it, she met and fell in love with burgeoning rapper/singer CeeLo (formerly of NBC’s The Voice).


I've known her so long, I barely remember not knowing her. From our first encounter, she has been a light beam. A delight. A confidant. A sister. A supporter. A cheerleader. A friend. 

I've watched her raise 2 small girls on her own when she was but a girl herself. Bravely making ends meet when the means were slim to none. I've watched her walk faithfully thru tribulation & walk faithfully into the sunshine. I've witnessed her integrity and character inspire all that she encounters. I've seen her diffuse tricky situations with a smile and a kind word. I've watched her evolve from a girl to a woman. From a caterpillar to a butterfly. I love her. I am proud of her. I will always be a willing voice and presence in celebration of her accomplishments and her triumphs. 

Christina Johnson is a living inspiration.

Joi Gilliam (JOI)

​"If  one is to choose a life coach, choose one who has been through all aspects of life and experienced the best to the worst.


This way the wisdom and insight given will be unprecedented and incomparable. Christina Johnson is the definition of resilience. I can't think of anyone better to help coach others to their God given destiny than this woman.




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The very essence of love will be the central focus of Christina’s Life coaching programs.  A one-on-one coaching session is your opportunity to interact with founder Christina Johnson.  Christina wants to empower all women from all walks of life to develop into the strongest, most beautiful, and most resilient women possible, all while offering a guiding hand. 

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