Due to the Demand to personalize Life Coaching with Christina Johnson .We have modified the program from group webinars to strictly one on one live face to face webinar sessions.     


Life Coaching with Christina  is the rare opportunity to interact in a one-on-one setting with founder Christina Johnson where the very essence of Love will be the central focus of all life coaching.  Christina wants to empower all women from all walks of life to develop into the strongest most beautiful women possible, with a guiding hand. 


Life Coaching  is so important to Christina because she used to live her life thinking she was never attractive enough, never smart enough, and not good enough for all of the good things in her life.  Having grown up hating herself, thinking she was never enough as she was, Life Coaching is much more than a job, to her it is a way of life.  This mentality can be nearly impossible to overcome, and Christina wishes to share with the world how she overcame her own self-hate and is now accepting and forgiving of herself. 


Making Life Coaching special is Christina’s desire to help women love themselves, and learn to accept themselves as beautiful creatures.  When you are finally able to love yourself, the disrespect that other people may send in your direction no longer has any meaning and cannot cause any harm or hurt.  To Christina, this is a personal crusade leading her to wanting to work one-on-one with her clients offering them as much of her care and attention as possible.


Christina wants to help enlighten women to the fact that we teach people how we want to be treated by the way that we treat ourselves.  With so many life coaches out there it can be difficult to select one, but Christina believes that all experts in the field are working to help and save as many people as possible. 


Christina’s personal experience and background makes her the ideal life coach for those stuck in a rut, or struggling to overcome adversity.  She herself has overcome an incredible amount of challenges but by working hard and overcoming the self-loathing she had for herself, she rose above it all and is now a happy and successful individual, wanting nothing more than to help others who are in the same position now that she was once in. 


The uniqueness of the Life Coaching program can be found in the fact that Christina is very hands-on.  Along with the use of proven strategies, tools, and tactics, Christina gives each and every client her own dedicated commitment, compassion, care, and concern making each client feel as though they are her only client.  While some life coaches may just listen to what their client is going through, Christina will not just listen to your struggles, but help the client develop the tools to overcome them and regain control of their lives. 


Christina has walked a very difficult road, and has experienced a great deal of adversity in the public spotlight, but having developed the tools necessary to overcome nearly every obstacle, she wishes to share with the world her compassion and desire to help all of those in need.   


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$ 75.00 per hr

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